Unread marks auditing plus Design Dumps…

Every Domino Admin worth their salt will have experienced  incidents with unread marks not working correctly and will have “fixed” these in variety of ways, mainly either marking all documents as read, or exchanging unread marks between replicas There’s another … Continue reading

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Traveler 9/Apple issue – “mails from other people appear to come from me”

An issue was reported by multiple users on a customer site recently.   Since a Traveler 9.0.1 upgrade :- mails coming into user’s inbox that are from external Internet senders are showing up in the “who” column as being from … Continue reading

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Compare Domino Server/Configuration Documents

This is a really good tip for checking what changes have been made to Server and Configuration documents over the lifetime of a server and can be really useful when a  number of changes have been made in a short … Continue reading

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