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Working with SHA-2 in Domino

Any production web site on Domino will have been flagged for months (if not years) on lack of support for SHA-2.  Since the poodle scares last year, a lot of third party certifiers made the decision to no longer support … Continue reading

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New iNotes 9.0 Undocumented Security Feature.

In iNotes on a Domino 8.x server you can view encrypted mail over http, once you’ve uploaded your ID. In iNotes on a Domino 9.0 server you get this message: It’s an interesting that this is now forced, I haven’t … Continue reading

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Domino Error – Unable to Bind port…..

Most Domino Admins will have seen this in a console from time to time.  It happens when a local OS application is using a port Domino wants to use.  So far, so simple.  But what’s the quickest way of finding … Continue reading

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SSL breaks after upgrading to Traveler 8.5.3 UP 1

On a production upgrade of Traveler to 8.5.3 U.P. 1 yesterday we came across a problem. The upgrade itself completed without issue but mobile clients couldn’t connect to the server automatically after the server was back up and running. We … Continue reading

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