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New iNotes 9.0 Undocumented Security Feature.

In iNotes on a Domino 8.x server you can view encrypted mail over http, once you’ve uploaded your ID.

In iNotes on a Domino 9.0 server you get this message:

It’s an interesting that this is now forced, I haven’t seen it documented anywhere.

Not that we’d recommend that anyone use HTTP for any production releases of iNotes!

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

Debugging SMTP in Domino

These are some really useful notes.ini variables, if you’re changing any SMTP settings in Domino (in particular if you’re setting up or changing a TLS connection).

Every time I’ve needed these in the past I’ve ended up correlating this list or similar, thought it might be useful to have them together in once place!

Note you can set any of these by running:

set config notesinisettinghere

from the Domino Console so if you wanted to set up SMTP debug, running the following would give you verbose logging:-

  • set config SMTPDebug=3
  • set config SMTPDebugIO=3
  • set config SMTPClientDebug=3
  • set config TraceSSLHandshake=1
  • set config SMTPSaveOutboundToFile=1
  • set config SMTPImportErrors=1

Obviously these settings will produce a lot of logging, which will effect performance, only turn these on for a short period, during non-peak times.

Let us know if you’ve found this helpful!

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

Domino Error – Unable to Bind port…..

Most Domino Admins will have seen this in a console from time to time.  It happens when a local OS application is using a port Domino wants to use.  So far, so simple.  But what’s the quickest way of finding out which application/service is using the port you want?  In windows it really is quite easy…

Open a command prompt and type:

netstat -an -o

This will give you a list of applications (and PIDs) that have ownership of ports. Look for the port, and associate the PID with a Process in task manager.

Let’s take a common example.  You enable HTTPS for web connections in the server document and restart http.   The Domino console tells you “HTTP Server: Error – Unable to Bind port 443, port may be in use or user needs net_privaddr privilege”.

Remote to the OS of the server.  Open a command prompt.  Type “netstat -an -o”.  You’ll get something like this:-

Look for the port in question, in this case it’s 443, and the associated PID is 1268.  Open windows task manager, click “View” and “Select Columns..

Make sure PID is selected as a column.


Sort by the “PID” column and look for the PID from earlier (1268 in this case), you’ll find the “offending” application under “Image Name”.

In this case it was TeamViewer as you can see.

I hope you found this useful.  It’s not that complex a problem, but often it takes few minutes to remember exactly what the best way of checking this is!

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd.