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Domino R8.5.2 HF16

Just to confirm that the documented problems with SMTP hanging in R8.5.2 and the subsequent interim fix does indeed solve the problem. The problem is described here: link

Downloading the interim fix pack from IBM ( shows the following files (for Windows platform):

interim fix: DominoServer_852IF1_W64

interim fix: DominoServer_852IF1_W32

The Server however shows:

Domino Server Showing correct version
Domino Server Showing correct version

Which is a little confusing but if your server shows the above you know you have applied the interim fix pack successfully.

Email Signatures with Graphics

A question that comes up on occasion from our customers relates to having graphics in email signatures. Do they work ? Why do the graphics appear as attachments for some recipients etc ?

Of course some companies love using graphics in email signatures. It promotes the brand, can make the email look very professional but it doesn’t always work. Why ?

Embedded Graphics
Using embedded graphics in signatures can lead to problems with the recipient seeing the signature as sent. The graphics may be stripped out and added as normal attachments or removed altogether. This is due mainly to the recipients email systems. Some companies do not allow embedded graphics or embedded html into their environment for security purposes.

Using graphics hosted on an Internet server
A workaround for the above may be to have graphic “placeholders” in your HTML signatures which then load the graphics from a server located on the Internet. This way the graphics are not embedded within the signature but load when the recipient user opens the email. The caveats for this solution are that some companies do not allow any HTML coming into their systems thus rendering this solution useless or the user receiving the email may not have internet access to retrieve the graphics.

Using embedded graphics or hosted graphics will work fine for a lot of recipient users/companies but you can never guarantee that either option will work. There are two many variables in place such as the recipients external facing or internal email system which may have policies in place restricting usage. No companies are obliged to allow graphics via email into their environment nor are there standards that suggest that you have to. These policies are strictly personal to the company and so using graphics in an email signature will carry some risk that your branding will be diluted.

Please let me know your experiences on using graphics in emails……

Troubleshooting DAOS

If you are having problems with your Domino DAOS data store, there are a wealth of technical documents out there to deal with the various problems. I have gathered some of this information which I will share with you below. This assumes you had DAOS up and running prior to experiencing problems. You have tried the synch options but to no avail. What now ?

  1. Tell DoasMgr prune 0” at the server console (that is a zero at the end BTW). This will get rid of any unwanted attachments from your DAOS store
  2. Try “Load fixup -J -D <optional folder path or filename>” at the server console. This will fix corrupted documents, fix outdated tickets and missing NLO objects from the data store, purges any references to orphaned objects in the DAOS repository and updates .NLO file location information
  3. Tell DAOSMgr resync force” at the server console. This will re synch the datastore even if it thinks it’s in synch.

Please please please backup your NLO files before doing the above.

Interestingly enough, you can schedule theĀ  “Tell DAOSMgr resync force” from a server program document. Just enter the following :

  • Program name : nserver
  • Command Line : -c “Tell DAOSMgr resync force”
  • Server : <your server name>
  • Run at times : a good time when the server is not busy or being backed up
  • Repeat Interval of : 0 (that’s a zero)
  • Days of Week: Sun (or whatever quiet day you can use here)

Good Luck !