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Domino Designer R8.5.3 – Ctrl+Shift Bug ?

We recently upgraded our clients to Notes R8.5.3 which included the Admin and Domino Designer clients.
One of our developers is a real keyboard shortcut nut and is complaining bitterly about what may be a bug or “feature” in this new release.
Previously, when pressing Ctrl+Shift, he was able to select words and upon releasing Ctrl and clicking the down arrow, select lines.

Now (when editing Script Libraries) when you press Ctrl+Shift (right-hand-side of keyboard)it changes the text from left-to-right (default) to right-to-left ! To get back to normal you have to press Ctrl+Shift of the left-hand side of the keyboard. It’s driving him mad.
To explain better, here is a script library from the mail file:

Now, I press Ctrl+Shift (the right side of the keyboard) and I get this:

You need to press Ctrl+Shift on the left side of the keyboard to get it back again.

The developer in question is blaming me personally for making him upgrade to R8.5.3 – anyone know how to make my life easy again ?