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Notes 9 and SmartCloud Activities – Heuston we have a…

Bit of a moan here.

I just upgraded from Notes R8.5.3 to R9.0.1 FP1. There are a lot a features that I really like in R9.x but something is REALLY bugging me.

In R8.5.3 I was an avid user of SmartCloud Activities in the sidebar – it worked really well.

In R9.0.1 “Social Edition”, you would have expected it to be truly social. But no. SmartCloud Activities just will not work. I understand that Connections Activities do but why the regression of functionality? Why Connections but no SmartCloud – it’s bizarre.

I’ve searched technotes and nearly every page on the whole Internet to look for a solution to this without luck.

If anyone can tell me how to get this working, my gratitude will be eternal as it’s like an old friend has left me….



It’s Friday ! – Undocumented Notes Table Shortcut you will love

I’ve never seen this before and a colleague came across this brilliant shortcut by accident.

Here’s how it works (in Notes 8 and 9 anyway):

1. Create a table in Notes (or use an existing table)

2. Hold the shift key and hover the mouse pointer over a row line (not the top one)

3. The cursor will change to a thick black line with a little blue diamond above it

4. Double click while still holding down shift

5. A new row appears !!!

This also works for columns as well. I think it’s great but that might be just me.