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86 NEW Features of Domino 14

Considering you’re reading a blog about Domino, you may likely have seen that Domino 14 was released recently, you can catch the launch video here if you missed it.

Domino 14 is another major release from HCL. We had three big public betas. This really allows access to the people making the decisions to heed feedback from all types of end users. It’s something HCL has done exceptionally well.

The primary features I’ve seen people focus on are:

·        AutoUpdate (the ability to download and distribute software from HCL automatically from your Domino server – this will soon also have the ability to auto-deploy to your servers).

·        The Domino core update. (this is one where people go OK – what does that do for me? Well various things, but at a high level I think it shows a long term commitment to the development of the platform, and it shows investment in resiliency of the platform).  

·        Admin central (new web based Domino app for doing help desk type of tasks)

  • The auto-inclusion of Verse, Nomad, and Ontime in Domino.  Out of box. (This one seems a no brainer – but it’s great to see regardless – you can still apply updates, which for Nomad in particular has a regular quarterly release scale anyway – Nomad 1.0.10 has been released since Domino 14 with a basic version of Designer included).

·        Passkey Authentication (arguably the most immediately useful feature in Domino 14)


This is a major release and there is a lot to consider here. HCL have put together a series of deep dive webinars through January and February on several Domino 14 topics. Conveniently you can register for all in one go and go to which one’s you like then. Just register here.

One thing I’d like to mention here as I haven’t seen an overemphasis on it elsewhere is the number of different new security features included in Domino 14.  To a certain extent I think it was widely publicized how many new security features there were in Domino 12.  If anything there’s even more in this release.  It’s something that probably is taken for granted with Domino.   It is rock solid on security. 

The other obvious thing the state is that there is now no 32 bit Notes client.  It’s all 64 bit only.  (this is quite overdue anyway and has been well flagged in advance – but it is something to consider).

A couple of years ago at the release of Domino 12, I did a blog post on the 101 NEW features of Domino 12. This got some decent feedback within the community.

I’ve looked at this release in a similar fashion.  Instead of 101 New features, this time we’ve got to 86 NEW Features of Domino 14. (This includes Domino server, Notes client, Designer, Restyle, Traveler but doesn’t list any bug fixes of which there are 366 in Notes/Domino alone).  I must point out that the Domino core update is such a significant undertaking that getting anywhere near the same amount of features as Domino 12 is amazing.

So here’s the list of 86 NEW Features of Domino 14:

1 Domino Core updates – JVM upgrade
2 New Passkey authentication
3 Updated default TLS ciphers
4 Security policy for ID file encryption
5 Global OpenID Connect (OIDC) enhancements
6 Web user login with OIDC enhancements- enable redirect
7 Web user login with OIDC enhancements – Authentication
8 Web user login with OIDC enhancements- enable redirect -back-channel logout
9 Web user login with OIDC enhancements – Configuration via idpcat.nsf
10 HTTP Bearer authentication replacements
11 Domino install defaults service to run as non-admin user
12 Enhanced OpenID Connect 1.0 (OIDC) provider support
13 SHA256 support for Internet password in Domino directory
14 Third-party access token validation
15 Cluster-safe, sprayable, single-server session cookies (DomAuthSessId)
16 New version of OpenSSL
17 Support for multiple chained IDP providers
18 ID file login prevention
19 Auto-notifications for latest product information
20 AutoUpdate for software download of any new media for server/client
21 New AdminCentral App
22 Domino Inclusions on install – Verse
23 Domino Inclusions on install – Nomad
24 Domino Inclusions on install -OnTime
25 Notes.ini moved to data director on Domino
26 Support for .msg files from Outlook
27 External Email Notifications
28 Disable LotusScipt Debugger in HCL Notes
29 Auto-Upgrade from Notes 32 bit to Notes 64 bit
30 Files tab supports database encryption
31 Enabled policy for delayed mail delivery
32 Delayed Delivery improvements
33 DAOS repair in a Domino cluster
34 C API Toolkit – NIFReadEntriesExt2 in a new API call
35 C API Toolkit -SecValidateAccessToken API to validate JWT access token
36 C API Toolkit – ADMINReqRenameExt adds support for changing short name and internet address when creating a “Rename Person in Address Book” request in the Administration Requests database (admin4.nsf).
37 Domino Restyle – Shared fields and shared columns are now restyled
38 Domino Restyle – Optionally apply updated icons for action buttons and view column icons
39 Domino Restyle – Restyle only selected portions of the application
40 Domino Restyle – Select an overall typeface for your application
41 Domino Restyle – Utlize user-supplied typography
42 In Designer, choose the updated view icons for applications even if they are not restyled.
43 Domino Restyle – Standard, built in action icons are updated for Restyle
44 Domino Restyle – Help/About documents are Restyled
45 Domino Restyle – Define your own application colours for use
46 Domino Restyle – Create an application icon
47 Domino Restyle – Applications can choose their launch property to a standardized frameset
48 Domino Restyle – Utilize user-supplied themes stored in a shared database.
49 Domino Restyle – Restyled fields
50 Domino Restyle – Improved support for Domino policies
51 Domino Restyle – Navigators in the application are restyled
52 Domino Restyle – Bevelled edges are now an option when creating app icons
53 Domino Restyle – import an app icon
54 Mail merge (personalized mail for groups)
55 “Join” button in Calendar forms
56 Proxy support for online meetings
57 Improved online meetings setup
58 64k field size support in email body
59 Better Rendering of Images in Email (SNI support)
60 64-bit Client Support for Long arrays in lotusscript
61 Traveler – Traveler Enterprise Database Schema Update
62 Traveler – Verifying the Traveler mail file replica list
63 Traveler – Security improvements to the Traveler homepage
64 Traveler – Clear the synch anchors for a device from the Traveler homepage
65 Traveler – Support Multiple accounts with HCL Verse for Android
66 Designer – JVM upgrade
67 Designer – Java 17 – Sealed classes
68 Designer – Java 17 -Restore Always-Strict Floating-Point Semantics
69 Designer – Java 17 – Pattern Matching for switch (Preview)
70 Designer – Eclipse Upgrade
71 Designer – Compiler Upgrade
72 Designer – Improved Java Script Editor
73 Designer – Advanced properties update
74 Designer – Source code integration using Yaml
75 Designer – New methods to work with proxy for NotesHTTPRequest (LotusScript)
76 Designer – 64-bit client support for long arrays in LotusScript
77 Preferences grouping and numbering
78 One touch setup – Create a full-text index via json file
79 One touch setup – Autoregister servers with specific names via json file
80 One touch setup – response documents via json file
81 One touch setup – response documents via json file
82 One touch setup – Create replicas on addition servers via json file
83 One touch setup – FindDocument criteria can be specified by using formula via json file
84 One touch setup – additional server can be created using files in a “seed” directory if the first server is unavailable via json file
85 One touch setup – Create the Certificate Authority via json file
86 New version of HEI at release date


If you can think of any more to add to the list, please comment below !

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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One thought on “86 NEW Features of Domino 14

  • Teknik Telekomunikasi says:

    As Domino continues to evolve, it’s clear that HCL is responsive to user feedback and is actively investing in the platform’s long-term development. The absence of a 32-bit Notes client aligns with industry trends and ensures that the platform remains up-to-date.
    Teknik Telekomunikasi

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