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Beta 3 of Domino 12 is here!

At the time of posting this the Domino 12 beta 3 webinar is live please catch up with it.

I knew some of the outline extra features and improvements that were likely to be included but I can honestly say I’m still suprised by the amount HCL have managed to fit in here.

Here’s the summary list.

I’d like to draw your attention to

The intergrated backups.

As of Domino 12, database backup and restore capability is integrated with Domino servers.Backup and restore includes the following features:

  • File system backup to disk or network drive.
  • Support for circular transaction logging with full backup
  • Support for archive transaction logging and incremental backup.
  • Point in time restore leveraging transaction logs
  • Incremental backup in combination with archive-style transaction log.
  • Support for snapshot backup of file system: bring all databases into backup mode, take a snapshot, and back up the delta occurred during backup.
  • Flexible restore options that include the ability to: bring database on-line, point in time recovery, disable replication, change replica ID, change title, disable all agents
  • Recover documents and folders into the original database.
  • Integrated DAOS to restore missing NLOs leveraging an existing file backup.
  • Integration with backup solution vendors.

Directly from the webinar itself here’s an overview of what that looks like architecturally

All I can say is wow. I would encourage EVERYONE to go onto Flexnet and try these out. There’s only a certain amount each one of us can test in our own environments and it would be great if we could get multiple testers for all of the backup features listed above with multiple backup vendors.

Another new feature is AD password synchronisation. People have been asked for that for years, I’m delighted it’s here.

Another feature that has been asked about since ID Vault was released has been being able to manually upload IDs to ID Vault. Well it’s here, yay!

There’s more too and the improvements to CertMgr and The Marvel Client Essentials integration in particular I’m looking forward to playing with.

Oh and a 64 bit Basic Notes Client!!!

Get it now and start testing.

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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