It’s Friday ! – Undocumented Notes Table Shortcut you will love

I’ve never seen this before and a colleague came across this brilliant shortcut by accident.

Here’s how it works (in Notes 8 and 9 anyway):

1. Create a table in Notes (or use an existing table)

2. Hold the shift key and hover the mouse pointer over a row line (not the top one)

3. The cursor will change to a thick black line with a little blue diamond above it

4. Double click while still holding down shift

5. A new row appears !!!

This also works for columns as well. I think it’s great but that might be just me.



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7 Responses to It’s Friday ! – Undocumented Notes Table Shortcut you will love

  1. Works with 8.5.3 as well. Awesome, thanks!

    • Nice one Jack. Well I obviously didn’t read the “What’s New in Lotus Notes 8.5, 8.5.1, and 8.5.2?” document as thoroughly as you did.
      At least one person (other than me) has found this tip worthwhile so I’m glad I posted it.

  2. David says:

    Excellent find! Works with columns too

  3. byman64 says:

    another good trick is:
    – Click on a cell with some data,
    – Hold the Control key
    – move the arrow up or down

    Your data will moved.

    I have a question: do you know how to change the default setting for a table? I mean, I would like always align:middle, spacing 0,5 and son


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