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A good reference for Semaphore timeouts

Recently while troubleshooting an issue on a customer site, I can across this Knowledge based article around what the HEX codes when Semaphore messages are thrown in the Domino console. It’s been updated recently and contains information you may need to troubleshoot semaphore issues with a Domino server. I like this type of transparency that… Read the full article

Theo’s last Engage – 2024 Antwerp Recap

So Engage 2024 is finished. The main story from this week is really about Theo (and Hilde!)’s last Engage (as organiser! but I’m sure he will still attend). There were understandably high emotions after Theo’s years of outstanding service. Theo received multiple special gifts and awards including the C3UG  North Star award, and a fellowship… Read the full article

Relatively quirky ID Vault error on Traveler.

Recently I came across a problem on a Traveler server. The customer had a pre-existing Traveler server, everything was still working but there was an error in the log (which was also filling up the inbox of admins) “ID failed to authenticate in vault ID for USERNAME ID failed to authenticate in vault SERVERNAME. SERVERNAME… Read the full article

Full instructions for implementing Nomad Server behind an Apache Reverse Proxy

HCL have recently published a technote on how to implement Nomad Server behind Apache reverse proxy This is really useful and noteworthy as previously as far as I know, the only third party instructions for reverse proxy were NGINX. I hope you find this useful. Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

Gmail and Yahoo changes for Bulk Senders from next week

In October both Gmail and Yahoo published information about restrictions they are bringing in from February 2024 for bulk senders (defined as sending 5000 messages to their addresses in one day). These are not really “new” per say, but are going to become more strictly enforced by next week. They come under three main headings… Read the full article

I’m a HCL Ambassador again for 2024

Before Christmas I was delighted to receive confirmation that I’ll be a HCL Ambassador again for 2024. It can be a bitter sweet time of the year when the confirmations go out, as some people leave the list and others join (for the first time or return). From my point of view it’s such a… Read the full article