It’s Friday ! – Undocumented Notes Table Shortcut you will love

I’ve never seen this before and a colleague came across this brilliant shortcut by accident.

Here’s how it works (in Notes 8 and 9 anyway):

1. Create a table in Notes (or use an existing table)

2. Hold the shift key and hover the mouse pointer over a row line (not the top one)

3. The cursor will change to a thick black line with a little blue diamond above it

4. Double click while still holding down shift

5. A new row appears !!!

This also works for columns as well. I think it’s great but that might be just me.



New iNotes 9.0 Undocumented Security Feature.

In iNotes on a Domino 8.x server you can view encrypted mail over http, once you’ve uploaded your ID.

In iNotes on a Domino 9.0 server you get this message:

It’s an interesting that this is now forced, I haven’t seen it documented anywhere.

Not that we’d recommend that anyone use HTTP for any production releases of iNotes!

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd