It’s Friday ! – Undocumented Notes Table Shortcut you will love

I’ve never seen this before and a colleague came across this brilliant shortcut by accident.

Here’s how it works (in Notes 8 and 9 anyway):

1. Create a table in Notes (or use an existing table)

2. Hold the shift key and hover the mouse pointer over a row line (not the top one)

3. The cursor will change to a thick black line with a little blue diamond above it

4. Double click while still holding down shift

5. A new row appears !!!

This also works for columns as well. I think it’s great but that might be just me.



Workaround for unread marks problem.

Scenario:  You’ve more than one Domino server, with more than one replica of a database (that’s everyone with Notes I think!) .  You’ve set unread marks to be maintained in Database properties BUT you notice at some stage (usually when a server crashes) that a replica that normally isn’t used has a completely different number of unread marks.  (it’s happened to us all!)

The usual lazy helpdesk solution to this is to select all, mark all as read and tell the end user “it shouldn’t happen again”.

However have you tried going to the workspace,  Click “View”, and then untick “Stack Replica Icons”.  (don’t panic it upsets your workspace layout, you can get it back!)

Then click on the two (or more) replica icons while holding ctrl and shift, and click “Edit”, “Unread marks”, and you’ll see another option “Exchange unread marks”.

It’s quite often overlooked but it usually fixes the problem!

Let us know if you found this useful!

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd