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Danube EAP Drop 5 is here!

Four weeks on from the last code drop HCL today released 12.0.2 EAP Drop 5.

Domino Features here.

Notes client Features here

Traveler Features here

Headline items for me:

  • Domino Restyler is available out of box in the Notes client as opposed to the last drop in Nomad. (Note: a very informative getting started video with Domino Restyle from the Cross Canada Collaboration User Group is here )
  • We get a new version of the Admin/Designer 64 bit client. (that’s not to say we don’t get versions of all other client, we do)
  • The Notes client on Mac runs on 12.6 Monterey (though won’t perfectly until GA)
  • The Notes client will reportedly run 20 per cent quicker (which given the improvements between 11 and 12, is quite something).
  • Similarly view rebuilds are (even more) quicker.
  • There’s more in CertMgr (URL health check)
  • There’s more for ICAP (Native virus scanning)
  • New JRE in Domino and Designer
  • New version of OpenSSL
  • OIDC is available (I didn’t realise this was even on the cards)
  • New 64 bit version of NotesPeak
  • And much more (see the links above).

Same applies in previous drops, you can get it on Flexnet, and please provide feedback via the forum.

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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