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Danube – Early Access 1 – What are you getting?

Budapest – and the “actual” Danube

On my blog last week recapping Engage, I mentioned the Early Access Program for Danube (Domino 12.0.2).

This is quite unusual how early for a release of this type in that usually there will be some form of closed early access program ahead of a public beta. What this shows us is that HCL are confident in the release, but also completely transparent about where the code base is(or was two weeks ago when this was released).

It’s important therefore you know what is and isn’t in this specific release (as opposed to the final release of Danube). I’ve also included links for resources on same.

What’s in this drop:

Security Features

If you look at the breath of different security features already included in Domino 12, this iteratively improves on this with more secure options/protocols/versions, and better ease of use.  There’s 6 new security features in this drop alone.



Administration Quick enhancements

Traveler – rich text Improvements.


There’s more to categorize under miscellaneous improvements:

There are no clients released in this drop.

There’s executables available for Windows and Linux for Domino and Traveler.

There will be 4 more drops of a similar type. Coming over the course of the next few weeks so have a look and get involved! You can provide feedback in the beta forum

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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