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Danube takes shape with Drop 3 for 12.0.2, Nomad web 1.0.5 beta without Safelinx.

While I was on summer holidays, HCL made another code drop for 12.0.2 (12.0.2 EAP2). I have to commend the frequency with which these are being released, it’s unprecedented in an early access program for this product line.

Domino gets a list of new features.

We also get the first taste of the Notes client on Danube.

We also get a first look at the 64 bit Notes Admin client.

The headline release of the past few weeks for me though is the release of Nomad Web, or Nomad for Web Browsers release 1.0.5 beta. Here is the first release of Nomad Web that doesn’t require Safelinx.

To set up : You need ID Vault. You need a valid TLS cert (with cert manager this is so straight forward now). Domino defaults to a secure configuration, which is what we expect.

Nomad Web looks great

Apart from that you just unzip to to program directory and “Nomad” runs as a task in Domino (think of the way Traveler works, it’s similar to that). It just works. While there’s still a place for Safelinx, this removes a significant barrier for customers to try Nomad Web without any investment in time, effort or resources. I’ve been excited about Nomad Web for a long time (I took part in a round table on same in late 2020) I’m so delighted to see this an option now. The deployment is easy and our testing has been very positive.

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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2 thoughts on “Danube takes shape with Drop 3 for 12.0.2, Nomad web 1.0.5 beta without Safelinx.

  • Hallo. Please, is it possible to set up 2fa on nomad-server-105-beta-domino-windows-1201? If possible, where can i find the setup procedure? Thank you Best regards Robert

    • Cormac McCarthy says:

      Hello Robert,

      TOTP with Nomad Web currently only works through SAML or Safelinx. It doesn’t work directly (yet) with Nomad Server without either of these two. But it is beta.


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