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DKIM signing comes natively to Domino

HCL continues to deliver on it’s beta program in 2021 by the release of 12.0.1 Beta 2 today. Again the vast majority of these betas are being delivered completely publicly, meaning anyone with a valid license has access on Flexnet. And can provide their feedback completely publicly. It means when the full release hits market it’s ready for production. (that was my experience of 12.0 anyway).

There’s lots of interesting items here, particularly in Domino itself. Daniel Nashed has blogged some of the improvements, including Cert Manager and mentions that DKIM outbound is now possible.

DKIM signing natively in Domino is not a small feature, it’s a massive improvement in SMTP authentication that people have been crying out for. I’d note it has been possible with Mail Gateways, but native is Domino is better again.

I’m looking forward to trying it out and hoping that DMARC functionality natively follows soon. If you want to try DKIM the instructions are here.

You can catch the full feature list for Domino 12.0.1 here.

I’d note the eagle eyed amongst you who have already been on flexnet, will also note a new update to the early access 64 bit Designer client, which it’s necessarily part of the same life cycle as 12.0.1 Beta 2, but is here as well.

There’s new versions of docker images, HEI, Traveler, and the 64 bit standard client too.

Try it out and tell HCL what you think.

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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