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Domino 14 Early Access is here!

HCL had promised the early access drop one for version 14 would be available by the end of May and they’ve delivered. You can download now on Flexnet. Or better still try the new beta portal (it looks very clean and easy to use –

As with Domino 12 early access, this is a 100% open early access program. Anyone with an entitlement can log in, download, install and provide feedback in the forum (Note if you already had Notes client access to the forum, you’ll be able to find the new forum easily and will have access).

The “what’s new” list is quite long (especially given it’s a first drop). Check out the list here.

Couple of things I’d highlight of interest – the new Admin Central App

You get notified of latest product versions. (overdue and is a precursor to subscribing to updates).

Domino wouldn’t be Domino without an absolute plethora of security updates.

Behind the scenes the core is updated and the Notes client is 64 bit only (Notes client information is here.) So it’s important to test third party integration as early as possible and give feedback.

Traveler also has a version 14 beta.

Get downloading and happy testing!

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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One thought on “Domino 14 Early Access is here!

  • Hogne Bø Pettersen says:

    Does Traveler for Android still have the problem with losing the name of your phone contacts? I had to go over to using Outlook because of that.

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