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Domino BES – testing handhelds are functioning

A quick and easy test to ascertain if one or more of your Blackberry Enterprise Server users is setup correctly server side or if their device is configured correctly is possible and here’s how……

From your normal Lotus Notes mail (I’m assuming you are using Notes mail !), send the user, users or group an email with the following subject line:


If the Blackberry device is able to receive and send messages, you will get an automatic  reply. If you don’t get a message back, you know something is wrong. The original message you send is removed immediately and the reply is also deleted from their sent view.

A couple of Caveats:

  1. The original message you sent and the reply mail will be in the users trash view.
  2. Obviously this will not work if the handset is turned off or doesn’t have the appropriate signal, in this case the original message you send will also not be deleted until their handset is online.


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