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Gmail and Yahoo changes for Bulk Senders from next week

In October both Gmail and Yahoo published information about restrictions they are bringing in from February 2024 for bulk senders (defined as sending 5000 messages to their addresses in one day).

These are not really “new” per say, but are going to become more strictly enforced by next week. They come under three main headings

(1) Authenticate your emails using security protocols ( DKIM, SPF, and DMARC.)

(2) Implement one-click list-unsubscribe, and honor unsubscribes within two days.

(3) Maintain a spam complaint rate under 0.3% (no more than three spam reports for every 1,000 messages).

Very likely you should have most of this in play already (or your messages will likely already be blocked). The first thing to state is, if you’re not sending bulk emails to Gmail or Yahoo, nothing will change. Where people might get caught out is with third party Marketing services.

For point (1) – Regardless of technology, if you are sending mails on the internet, you likely have had a SPF record for many years. (otherwise many of your mails have not being delivered to many people for a long time). For Domino you can implement DKIM natively since Domino 12. DMARC isn’t yet available fully natively in Domino, but that doesn’t mean you can’t publish a record. I’d also note Gmail has a requirement around TLS connections since December for all bulk senders. (which obviously Domino is compliant with)

For point (2) – If you’re sending mails to the EU, under GDPR you’ve had to have this for the last 6 years, so I can’t imagine too many organisations being caught out specifically by this.

For point (3)Postmaster Tools is probably the best way to keep on top of this. It should be something you are aware of already if you’re mass mailing.

I hope you found it useful, I think for most organisations the IT section may be aware of this, but the marketing section using a third party mailing solution may not be, so it’s the last chance to get this right before the end of the month. Once you get on a blacklist it may be difficult to get off quickly, particularly as they have given months of notice of the change.

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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