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Troubleshooting DAOS

If you are having problems with your Domino DAOS data store, there are a wealth of technical documents out there to deal with the various problems. I have gathered some of this information which I will share with you below. This assumes you had DAOS up and running prior to experiencing problems. You have tried the synch options but to no avail. What now ?

  1. Tell DoasMgr prune 0” at the server console (that is a zero at the end BTW). This will get rid of any unwanted attachments from your DAOS store
  2. Try “Load fixup -J -D <optional folder path or filename>” at the server console. This will fix corrupted documents, fix outdated tickets and missing NLO objects from the data store, purges any references to orphaned objects in the DAOS repository and updates .NLO file location information
  3. Tell DAOSMgr resync force” at the server console. This will re synch the datastore even if it thinks it’s in synch.

Please please please backup your NLO files before doing the above.

Interestingly enough, you can schedule the  “Tell DAOSMgr resync force” from a server program document. Just enter the following :

  • Program name : nserver
  • Command Line : -c “Tell DAOSMgr resync force”
  • Server : <your server name>
  • Run at times : a good time when the server is not busy or being backed up
  • Repeat Interval of : 0 (that’s a zero)
  • Days of Week: Sun (or whatever quiet day you can use here)

Good Luck !

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