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Notes 9 and SmartCloud Activities – Heuston we have a…

Bit of a moan here.

I just upgraded from Notes R8.5.3 to R9.0.1 FP1. There are a lot a features that I really like in R9.x but something is REALLY bugging me.

In R8.5.3 I was an avid user of SmartCloud Activities in the sidebar – it worked really well.

In R9.0.1 “Social Edition”, you would have expected it to be truly social. But no. SmartCloud Activities just will not work. I understand that Connections Activities do but why the regression of functionality? Why Connections but no SmartCloud – it’s bizarre.

I’ve searched technotes and nearly every page on the whole Internet to look for a solution to this without luck.

If anyone can tell me how to get this working, my gratitude will be eternal as it’s like an old friend has left me….



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