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Quick tip: How do I get the root and intermediary certificates?

This is probably an obvious one but I know it confuses people.  If you need the root and intermediary certificates in the chain for your SSL certificate you do not need to contact the Certificate Authority to get them. (in fact they’ll have multiple root and intermediaries so the best way to get them is to extract them yourself).

Simple double click your SSL certificate(assuming it is a .crt or .cer file), and select the “Certification Path” tab

Click on the top of the chain. This is your root certificate. Click the “View Certificate” button.

Then click on the “Details” tab

Click the “Copy to File…” button

Click “Next”

For the next step you can export in any format. I always select Base-64 as I had specific reason to do so years ago and it’s always worked since (but the other two should work fine too). Click Next

You’ll be prompted to enter a filename, you can browse and save the file where ever you want. Finally you’ll get a confirmation screen where you can click “Finish”.

So that’s your Root certificate. You can go back in and do the same for, the next Certificate in your Certificate path, your intermediary cert (or certs, there’s often two intermediaries).

Hope you found this useful.

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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