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Sametime Meetings 11.5 is the Business!

There’s been so much chatter on Sametime Premium Meetings 11.5 since the full release last month and with good reason.

I’ll keep this as simple as I can, as the user experience is just that, simple. It’s everything a user would expect from a Premium, Enterprise video meeting service. It’s clean, intuitive and modern and it works.

And it’s on premise.  The licensing model will save you a small fortune compared to the cost of competitors.  And again.  It’s on premise. It’s secure.

“But I already use Teams or Zoom” I hear you say. Ok. If you’re happy having your meetings exposed. If you’re happy having your credentials exposed.,them%20vulnerable%20to%20being%20hacked.

If you’re happy with all of that and you like spending more on both platforms. Then work away.

If you’re more security conscience and you’d like to give Sametime Premium a try please contact us.

Domino People have set up their own Sametime Premium Meetings 11.5 service (with thanks to enablement from HCL: Stefano Pogliani, Robert Hodges and Anthony Payne – thanks again) to demonstrate to anyone interested. 

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HCL have been really busy in this space setting up multiple enablement sessions:

WEBINAR: HCL Sametime Premium Deployment Deep Dive

WEBINAR: HCL Sametime v11.5 Meetings Deployment Workshop

WEBINAR: Overview of HCL Sametime Premium Meetings v11.5 & troubleshooting – NA/EMEA/LATAM time zones

WEBINAR: Overview of HCL Sametime Premium Meetings v11.5 & troubleshooting – APJ timezone

Really if you need help getting up and running you’ll get it. Honestly what to you have to lose by giving it a try?

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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