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Useful view for Replication or Save conflicts

This is a quick tip that can be used to find Replication or Save Conflicts in any Notes application, but as an Admin I’ve found it most useful for a Domain’s NAB.

In a Notes application,  click Create -> View

  1. Change the view name to something appropriate.
  2. Change the “View type” to “Private” from the drop down menu.
  3. Change the “Selection conditions” box to SELECT @IsAvailable($Conflict)
  4. Click “Save and Customize”.

Right Click on the view as it appears and select “View Properties”.

Click on the second tab, and untick the box “Show response documents in a hierarchy”.

Click the “Esc” key twice and when prompted click “Save”.

You’ll now have a new private view that will show you all Replication or Save conflicts:

It’s really something that should be checked regularly anyway but this is a hassle free way!

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

6 thoughts on “Useful view for Replication or Save conflicts

    • Hi Skylar,

      Could we get more information on what’s not working?. Where do you get the error? Have you made sure to change the view properties as in the description?

      This has worked on multiple sites without fail, so we should be able to get it working for you!


    • The reason is, that once you save a Conflicting document, you thereby accept it as no longer being in conflict !
      Hence, you will find among the ‘normal’ documents, but if you have a Key value for it (logical unique one, like SSN or CustomerID) you can use standard search to find you have two with the same key (if you haven’t got the option to rename unique keys once Document is created, that is).
      Hope it explains – take a look at the Notes User Help database, it explains how to resolve Replication Conflicts.

  • Thanks so much!!!! I had to delete 1600+ replication conflicts that were mistakenly created, and this technique saved me so much time!

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