Recent Projects

Some of our recent projects...

Webmail Solution – International Airline – Administration

This international airline required an integrated resilient secure webmail solution for all of it’s employees – hello Domino 9 iNotes. We commissioned hardened Domino 9 clustered servers hosted in Germany and the US along with Barracuda’s excellent ESS email security service. Secure, resilient, easy to use – job done !

Domino 9 Upgrades – Various Clients – Administration

Domino 9 offers significant improvements and continues IBM’s trend of investment in the Domino platform. We have upgraded numerous clients to Domino/Notes 9 with more planned so why delay?

Traveler 9 High Availability – Irish Government Organisation – Administration

This Government Organisation has over 200 Traveler users and so decided that the existing Traveler 8.x stand-alone server needed to be improved upon. We created 2 Domino/Traveler 9 servers in high availability mode using a back-end SQL database. This configuration, along with associated network appliances, provides complete failover and load balancing ensuring continued service to the users. All users were migrated to the Traveler 9 servers without incident.

Traveler 9 Upgrades – Several Customers – Administration

With support for Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10, we’ve found a lot of customers are upgrading to Traveler 9 as a priority.  Generally this is easily facilitated without effecting the rest of the environment as Traveler is (almost without exception) generally installed in a separate domain to production.

Website Structure and Security redesign – Irish Government Organisation –  Administration and Development

Internal Web “Intranets” often grow by osmosis on application servers without any real planning or standards.  We recently applied initiative structure to an internal web applications server pool within a Government Department which involved applying friendly URLs, redirections, adding DNS so users are connecting to a service rather than a server, consolidating application locations, customised log in screens and added SSL security.

Complete Replication Redesign – Irish Government Organisation – Administration

Many large and complex Notes/Domino environments suffer the same fate: over the years, things are added by various Administrators and the environment ends up in a bit of a mess, it’s impossible to administer and can lead to replication errors and data integrity issues. We redesigned this highly complex multi-domain Domino environment using Domino clusters to their full capacity, rationalised and simplified the replication topology and improved data flow.

Security Event Monitoring – Irish Government Organisation – Administration

Sensitive data requires a holistic approach to security. You may be protected from outside intrusion but what about attacks from inside the organisation? We set up a total security event monitoring solution tailored to meet the customer needs. This involved monitoring mail files, mail-in-databases and critical applications for Access Control List (ACL) changes and to close the loop, an enhancement was made to the Domino Directory to monitor and audit nominated groups for changes.

IBM Notes/Domino 9 Installation – Finance Company – Administration

Production installation of the latest version of IBM Notes/Domino 9 including Traveler and iNotes for an Irish financial services company. We also configured some great new R9 features including the Database Maintenance Tool (DBMT) and IBM HTTP Server acting as a reverse proxy for added security.

Large-Scale Recertification Project – Irish Government Organisation – Administration

Our client, a large Irish government organisation had a security requirement to proactively roll over all Domino certificates for all Organisations, Organisational Units, Severs and Users over multiple Domino domains. We managed a project to complete this process seamlessly to end users.

iNotes Rollout – Irish Government Organisation – Administration

This public body had a requirement to have web based email available to senior management. We produced a highly secure and customised iNotes solution to suit our clients needs involving a reverse proxy and SSL encryption.

XenApp Citrix Rollout – Irish Government Organisation – Administration

Recently we’ve optimised performance on several installations of XenApp Notes clients for private and public sector (mainly through minimising interactions between the data directory and the Notes client). In this case our client required us to complete a Notes installation from the pilot phase and we were able to optimise the installation based on our extensive XenApp experience from the start.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 Upgrade – Irish Semi-state Organisation – Administration

This large, prominent organisation required an upgrade to the latest BES version in order to facilitate newer device types, include more robust policies and allow for redundancy. We designed and implemented a solution for them. with a installation of BES 5 on a new Server and a seamless transition from their old version using the BlackBerry Transporter Tool.

Lotus Notes Traveler Server for high-profile Irish Government organisation – Administration

For this organisation, security was of the essence so we designed and implemented a Lotus Notes Traveler server to service mail, calendars and contacts with stringent security policies in place. This service has quickly gained traction within the organisation and has been very well received by senior management.

Roaming User Project – Irish Government Organisation – Administration

Our client had a legacy of unsuccessful in house Notes roaming projects. We successfully automated the process of migrating users to File based Notes roaming (copying files, changing Notes shortcuts, and notes.ini settings via a VBscript deployed via Windows SCCM).

Support Services for the Department of Education and Skills – Development and Administration

The Department of Education and Skills, a large Irish Government Department, sought a support partner for their IBM Lotus Domino infrastructure and applications. This contract was published on the Irish Government’s e-Tenders website and Domino People won this contract against stiff competition.

R8.5.3 Upgrade and migration of Domino Web Servers – Administration

Our client, a leading personal branding company in the US, needed to upgrade their hosted Domino Web servers from R7.0.3 to the latest R8.5.3 release to avail of the many new features and enhancements. They also wanted to change their existing hosting providers that were unreliable as part of this project. They were also running on unsupported versions of Linux.

We sourced new hosting providers which saved significant revenue for the client. We installed RedHat Enterprise 6 on both servers (which is supported). We installed Domino R8.5.3 and then clustered the servers for added resilience. Once the infrastructure was in place, the web applications had to be thoroughly tested (best practice) before going live.

New Website on IBM XWork Server – Development and Administration

Design and implementation of a new website and the Department of Transport, Sport and Tourism for their 2012 Sports Capital Grants Programme. For this project we utilised an IBM XWork server providing significant costs savings to the Department. The project was very successful with 100% uptime over the 3 month live period, more than 650,000 website hits and  over 2000 subscribers. The website’s back-end Domino database replicated information back to the Departments in-house Domino servers for data analysis.

R8.5.3 Upgrade and DAOS implementation – Administration

We worked with a large Government agency to upgrade their Domino environment to R8.5.3 from R7.0.4. This involved a full project plan, a pilot process and the upgrades on a phased basis. One business challenge the client had was with the sheer amount of mail data being held on their servers and subsequent backup times. Cue DAOS (Domino Attachment and Object Store) built in to Domino R8.5.3 which creates a single instance of every attachment – the end result ? over 700GB of data storage saved and by backing up the transaction logs, the backup window was cut from 10 hours to 30 mins !

Domino Server Consolidation – Administration

This major Irish company, after upgrading its networks, didn’t require all of the Domino servers scattered around the country and so decided to move them all to the two centralised clustered Domino servers. This would save the company significant maintenance costs. Their “Hub” server also was no longer required (as there were no more spokes) so that was to go too. We worked with our client to ensure services and most importantly, the users were not adversely affected by this move. Pangenda’s Marvel Client was used to manage the users. We analysed the logs and performed a decommission server analysis for all servers to be consolidated. Once again, planning was key and the consolidation exercise went smoothly and without incident.

Migration to a third-party mail system – Administration

We don’t really enjoy doing this because we think everyone in the world should be using Domino but reality dictates otherwise sometimes. In this case, a high-profile Irish company had merged and the new parent company used “another” mail system. We helped our client plan and implement the mail migration which went very smoothly over one weekend.