The ultimate Domino data search solution

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Why Discover for Domino?

Search all of your Domino data in minutes - any server, any domain

  • Fast accurate searching
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Full audit and exports
  • 100% HCL Notes solution
  • Designed and supported by Domino People

Business Value

Discover for Domino offers superb ROI and value to your business:

Speed - search faster, increase accuracy, reduce errors
Focus - employee productivity, plan, reduce admin
Time - search all data in hours, not days or weeks
Service - meet SLA's, openness and transparency
Audit - of searches, reporting and results
Share - full exports of search results


Some of the more common use cases are:

  • Freedom of Information (FOI) requests
  • GDPR Requests
  • Forensic Searches
  • General Data Searches
  • Data Discovery

Solution Highlights

  • 100% HCL Notes solution
  • No Domino server installs or design changes
  • Uses native Notes search query syntax
  • Advanced search settings
  • Never search lists (folders and databases)
  • Export to PDF or Excel
  • Familiar UI and easy to use



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