We Are Domino People

Domino People was started in Dublin, Ireland in 2001 with the primary aim of providing best in class professional services for IBM Lotus Notes Domino technologies and their companion products.

Our company ethos is based on quality service delivery, technical excellence and value to our clients. Our growing customer base is a testimony to our core values and customer focused approach.

Why IBM Domino?

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Domino V10 is here! The biggest and best release in over a decade. Hundreds of new features and enhancements. Secure, Scalable, Reliable, Compatible

App Development

Modify for Web and integrate with virtually any system using REST API's. Develop new and modernise existing apps with JavaScript and node.js.

Secure at its core

Security is built into the DNA of both Domino and IBM. Domino has always been a platform you can trust — stable and secure at its core.

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Domino V10 - App Development Enhancements

The most exciting application development enhancements in decades. This really is a game-changer for ALL organisations.

  • Proven advantages over Microsoft Sharepoint & NoSQL - everything you need on one platform with no add-ons required
  • New native languages - JavaScript, node.js and Domino Query Language (DQL)
  • The new mobile client allows for online/offline access to existing Domino apps - no coding needed!
  • Modernise existing apps for the Web - browser and mobile ready with minimal effort
  • With V10, you can call any REST API to bring in a Google map, pull in a Watson API, use customer data from Salesforce, ask for approval in a Slack channel, grab support ticket information from ServiceNow...the list is endless
  • IBM Domino Applications on Cloud - move your existing Domino applications to the cloud hosted by IBM - lower your TCO by 20-60%

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Domino V10 - Admin & Infrastructure Enhancements

Too many enhancements to mention - here are some of the highlights:

  • Faster & Leaner Notes client
  • Cluster Auto-Repair - no more cluster maintenance. Domino V10 manages clusters for you!
  • Auto-Repair of Domino applications - detects and fixes corrupted applications so you don't have to
  • Full Text indexes - no more corruption and fast searches
  • Now supporting CentOS - create Docker Domino containers on-premise, hybrid, or multi-cloud
  • plus many many more...

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Why IBM Watson Workspace?

The future of Collaboration

Collaborate instantly via group messages, direct messaging or video all driven by the power of IBM Watson

Integrate and Collaborate

Add a wide-range of existing apps or develop your own. Integrate virtually any system securely in-house or cloud

Workspace is SMART

With IBM Watson Cognitive AI built in, Workspace can help you focus on what matter most. Get more done with Workspace

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IBM Watson Workspace - key features

Bringing collaboration to a whole new level with the power of Watson AI, here are some key features:

  • Group and 1-to-1 messaging and presence awareness
  • Share any files, links, videos and graphics
  • Powerful search facilities - never lose information again
  • Open API's for integration with any in-house or cloud platform
  • Cognitive moments built in and Watson Assistant integration
  • Available on desktop, web browser, and mobile app (Android and iOS)
  • plus many many more...

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Using IBM Watson Workspace

Workspace has been designed so that anyone can use it - simplicity on top, driven by cutting-edge technology

IBM Watson Workspace is built for teams who work together on a regular basis. It's perfect for anyone who needs to connect often, communicate frequently, and stay aligned regularly. Whether it's your team, squad, or clients, a group or one-on-one, Watson Workspace promises seamless communication for everyone.

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