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Domino BES – testing handhelds are functioning

A quick and easy test to ascertain if one or more of your Blackberry Enterprise Server users is setup correctly server side or if their device is configured correctly is possible and here’s how…… From your normal Lotus Notes mail (I’m assuming you are using Notes mail !), send the user, users or group an… Read the full article

Domino Server Console – Copy database command

Happy new year ! This is a great tip brought to my attention by one of our developers which allows you to make a new database copy, replica copy or database template on the same or different Domino server. Very useful for large databases if you don’t want to use the Notes client or don’t… Read the full article

Compact -b -S10 Does it work ?

Just had an instance where a customer running Lotus Domino R8.5.2 had a program document running a nightly Compact -b -S10 The compact -b is the recommended option or switch for Domino Servers running Transactional logging as per quote from the help file below: Uses in-place compacting and recovers unused space without reducing the file… Read the full article

Domino R8.5.2 HF16

Just to confirm that the documented problems with SMTP hanging in R8.5.2 and the subsequent interim fix does indeed solve the problem. The problem is described here: link Downloading the interim fix pack from IBM ( shows the following files (for Windows platform): interim fix: DominoServer_852IF1_W64 interim fix: DominoServer_852IF1_W32 The Server however shows: Which is… Read the full article

Troubleshooting DAOS

If you are having problems with your Domino DAOS data store, there are a wealth of technical documents out there to deal with the various problems. I have gathered some of this information which I will share with you below. This assumes you had DAOS up and running prior to experiencing problems. You have tried… Read the full article