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Domino Designer R8.5.3 – Ctrl+Shift Bug ?

We recently upgraded our clients to Notes R8.5.3 which included the Admin and Domino Designer clients.
One of our developers is a real keyboard shortcut nut and is complaining bitterly about what may be a bug or “feature” in this new release.
Previously, when pressing Ctrl+Shift, he was able to select words and upon releasing Ctrl and clicking the down arrow, select lines.

Now (when editing Script Libraries) when you press Ctrl+Shift (right-hand-side of keyboard)it changes the text from left-to-right (default) to right-to-left ! To get back to normal you have to press Ctrl+Shift of the left-hand side of the keyboard. It’s driving him mad.
To explain better, here is a script library from the mail file:

Now, I press Ctrl+Shift (the right side of the keyboard) and I get this:

You need to press Ctrl+Shift on the left side of the keyboard to get it back again.

The developer in question is blaming me personally for making him upgrade to R8.5.3 – anyone know how to make my life easy again ?

10 thoughts on “Domino Designer R8.5.3 – Ctrl+Shift Bug ?

  • Sorry can’t help you, but you may have helped me. This used to happen to me from time to time when typing a memo. I fat fingered something on the right side of the keyboard (never knew what it was that I hit) and the memo when from LTR to RTL, turned purple and was bold. Very annoying and I could never figure out what I did.

    I have not seen this in 8.5.3 so far.

  • I haven’t tried this in 8.5.3, but the Ctrl + Click functionality is standard Eclipse functionality. It’s also available in the Java editors (but it’s never been made available in Server Side JavaScript which is a disappointment). It’s one of the great features that the Eclipse platform gave to Domino Designer. But highlighting a function and pressing F3 also does the same thing. Hopefully that will still work for you.

    • Hey Paul – thanks for the reply.

      This “feature” was OK in R8.5.2 but seems to have changed in R8.5.3. We were wondering if there was any way to turn this “feature” off.

      You can’t get worse than a moaning developer đŸ™‚

  • Unfortunately, this is a bug. Created SPR # PJAN8MSME3 to report the issue. It would be best if you could open a PMR and reference this SPR.

  • Any news about this bug ? It’s really getting on my nerves too…
    It’s not 8.5.3 related as I had it before… and on some other computers, I don’t have it…

  • Yeah, this just started happening to me. I had my computer replaced and its running Windows 7, and Notes is 8.5.3, before that I was 8.5.1 on XP, but I have also used 8.5.3 on a few other computers, and I think they were all XP, it might be a combination of windows and notes version?

    • Hi James, from the comment below from Peter Janzen (IBM) it is an official bug (SPR # PJAN8MSME3).

      I just Googled the SPR# but couldn’t find any references nor could I find anything from IBM.

  • Did anyone get a resolution to this? I didn’t think it was a bug, I thought it was a shortcut to allow right-to-left reading languages to be used in the development environment.

    Unfortunately it conflicts with the well established windows, “Select next word”, shortcut.

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