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Introducing: Discover for Domino

We are very happy to announce the launch of Discover for Domino!

After hearing of many customers expressing frustration when replying to a Freedom of Information request or other queries requiring a search over all Domino data, here in Domino People HQ, we decided to do something about it. We are certain that Discover for Domino will save A LOT of time/effort with performing Domino data searches and allow for more efficiencies when analysing and reporting results.

We believe there is no other solution that enables such a quick and easy method of comprehensively searching all Domino data on all Domino servers in any Domino domain.

This solution works 100% from the Notes client and requires no Domino server installs or design changes. We have designed Discover for Domino to be as easy to use as possible with detailed logging and reporting of all searches and search results. All search results can be exported to Excel and PDF for further analysis.

  • 100% HCL Notes solution (R9 to R12 Notes clients tested)
  • No Domino server installs or design changes required (runs over any version of Domino server)
  • Quick and easy to Install and Setup
  • Search local, remote and cloud Domino servers
  • Uses native Notes Search Query Syntax
  • Searches all data regardless of form every time
  • Advanced search settings (Returned results, Skips Replicas, Fuzzy etc.)
  • Never search lists (folders and databases)
  • Export results to PDF or Excel with DocLinks and summary doc data
  • Familiar UI and easy to use (don’t have to be an Admin/Dev to use)

Discover for Domino has a very clear and transparent licencing model with a 20% rebate for HCL Business Partner sales.

We’d love you to have a look so head on over to our Discover for Domino page, and download a free trial!

If you would like a demo or have any questions, please drop us an email at

All the best and looking forward to Engage 2022!

Steven Vaughan


Load Databases and Select Databases to Search
Run a search using native Full Text Search syntax
View Results
Detailed Report with Doc Links
Export to Excel or PDF with DocLinks and summary data (for emails)

2 thoughts on “Introducing: Discover for Domino

  • Looks Good , I did a similar project where you need to find emails from user(S) to user(s) from selected date and you can use Select statement. Result was copied to DB where you could categorized it by date. this was done because Open investigation on corruption & inside trade. I like to try this out .

    • Steven Vaughan says:

      Hi Palmi,
      Yes, there are a few tools around to perform email searches. I don’t believe there are any solutions (until now!) to search email plus any Domino application (regardless of server or Domino Domain). We have customers using Discover for Domino at the moment for FOI/GDPR and they use it for everyday searches as well.
      Please drop me a line at if you would like more info etc.
      Thanks – Steven

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