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Another great free tool from Panagenda.

Bundled in HCL Notes Client 12.0.1 was new Document Properties functionality.

This gives you the ability to view, search and sort, fields within a document, from within the Notes client (As well as delete profile documents). It’s really nifty addition.

If you haven’t yet upgraded to HCL Notes/Domino 12 for whatever reason, and would like to be able to use the new Document Properties functionality from the 12.0.1 notes client then Panagenda have delivered for you and the community.

You can download and install the same tool FOR FREE, here. The regular version is what is bundled in the HCL Notes Client 12.0.1.

However an addition now, is the pro version, again for free. Here you get everything in the regular version, plus “power user” functionality.

  • Create, edit and delete fields
  • Any type, singe or multi value
  • Copy and paste fields between documents.

I really have to applaud Panagenda for getting this resource out there. (as well as quick videos to get you started on functionality).

(Just don’t tell your end users about the pro version!).

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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2 thoughts on “Another great free tool from Panagenda.

  • Hi

    I this panagenda free for hcl domino customer ?. We upgarde to 12.0.1 version.
    I am trying to run the wizard and is asking for license

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