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SSL breaks after upgrading to Traveler 8.5.3 UP 1

On a production upgrade of Traveler to 8.5.3 U.P. 1 yesterday we came across a problem.

The upgrade itself completed without issue but mobile clients couldn’t connect to the server automatically after the server was back up and running.

We could see the following in the log :-

“HTTP Server: SSL Error: Keyring file not found, key ring file [keyfile.kyr], [Default Server]”

So we did some digging.  Before the upgrade the “SSL key file name” field (Server Document -> Ports > Internet Ports- >  SSL key file name) was something other than default (say mobile.kyr for argument’s sake).

After the upgrade this field changed back to the default “keyfile.kyr” automatically!  It is quite an easy fix (either renaming the the .kyr file on the OS and restarting HTTP or renaming the field in the server document and restarting HTTP fixes the problem).

We’ve done a few tests and it doesn’t appear to be reproducible on demand, however it is worth noting in case the same thing happens to you!

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd.

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