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101 NEW features of Domino 12

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Domino 12 release. 

The next couple of weeks are significant ones for HCL.  There’s a major release event planned for Monday and a series of events for 12 days “the Domino dozen.” There will likely be announcements and surprises, it’s not to be missed. If you’ve registered already you should have got an email to send you to the launch event:

If you haven’t already registered it’s not too late.

The community has been blogging lately about different features in Domino 12. I don’t want to exclude anyone because there’s loads of great content out there but two have caught me eye in particular as there’s been multiple posts by the same person. One is Gab Davis, who has done up some interesting blogs which are a great reference point.

Another is Daniel Nashed Daniel has written a few blogs around Domino 12 and security that I think are worth everyone reading. This post in particular resonates with me completely, in the current climate on ransomware attacks, Domino 12 delivers dozens of new features (PUN INTENDED) on cutting edge security on a platform that is already fundamentally secure.  You won’t hear about Domino being the entry point to ransomware because it just doesn’t happen.

One thing that I’m not sure has really been emphasized enough in the community is the maturity of Domino 12.  It was first delivered via an early access platform last year.  And then this year in the form of three COMPLETELY PUBLIC betas. 

There has never been as much engagement between the community and the developers in the background on a Domino release, so what you’re getting in 12.0 of Domino really feels more like a 12.0.1 release.  This has been tested to the hilt, each feature included has matured and layered functionality with each beta.  For something like Certificate Manager, it isn’t one thing. It delivers a whole host of functionality. The delivery dates for these have been met with Domino 12.0 actually being delivered over a week earlier the full release event.  There’s obviously some bits and pieces where you know it’ll be improved again in the next build and while any dot zero build is going to have some issues that won’t be known until it’s released in the wild fully – you can have confidence in this build.

This isn’t just bluster, I was thinking about the actual features included and the list is so long I started to write them down.  I did write a blog for HCL a few weeks back on the Four Security Security features you’ve been waiting for and writing down an actual list this week I came up with 101 features of Domino 12.  (believe it or not there’s actually more than that but I had to draw the line somewhere!).

So here’s 101 NEW Features of Domino 12 (this includes Domino, Notes, and Traveler) with (hopefully) helpful appropriate links:

1TOTP Natively in Domino
2TOTP securely via second domain and directory assistance
3Automatic free TLS certs in Lets Encrypt
4Manage certs via pem files
5Manage certs via a native Domino task certmgr rather than command line third party tools (openssl and kyrtool)
6For third party TLS certs, managing the chain(i.e. importing root and intermediary) can be done in ANY ORDER, certmgr will figure it out.
7Support for forward secrecy on NRPC, with stronger encryption, meaning faster sessions, which better protection for the session and stronger encryption
8Enforce internet password lockout based on IP address
9New ODS version for more efficient storage of your .nsf files on disk, potentially faster reads and writes (As well as potential to increase ACL sizes)
10Upload multiple IDs to vault with a csv file
11Right click on person document to upload an ID file to the vault
12Active Directory password synchronization
13Two new curves supported for TLS 1.2 ciphers that use ECDHE for forward secrecy (potentially faster connections over more protected sessions over TLS)
14HCL Verse 2.0.1 included with Domino
15Podman supported as a container at runtime
16One touch Domino setup
17You can use one .exe to install English and all MUI language packs.
18Language dictionaries don’t require a separate install
19DOTS(Domino OSGI Tasklet Service) is available again
20Manage third party backups via database native in Domino
21Manage backups via file server backups via native database in domino
22Manage DAOS Restores (via third party backup) in Domino on Corrupt or missing .nlo objects.
23Multiple options to Restore documents to original folder location or another folder
24Restore individual or deleted documents into their original database
25Manage point in time restores via database native in domino using transaction logs
26New Java Runtime Environment
27Sophisticated Entitlement Tracking
28Improved Marvel Client Essentials Integration
29Complete Overhaul on look and feel on names.nsf (person documents)
30Adminp support for update names in Verse user profiles
31Custom criteria to populate groups (populate groups based on LDAP query)
32Indirect files are supported with replicate command
33Database quota settings replicate
34Nomad Web (Notes client in a browser!)
35TLS 1.0 Disabled by default
36Improved DAOS Container Management
37Stronger DAOS Object Encryption
38New TLS Cache – Certs available immediately rather than requiring a http restart
39Improved logging details and advice for corrupted databases
40ECDSA crptopgraphy support for keys in TLS certs allowing for faster and more secure sessions.
41TLS Session Resumption
42Health Checks on Certs with CertMgr
43Shared key for DAOS Tier 2 storage across servers.
44Internet address is now included in the mailin database/resource view in the NAB
45Older less secure options are gone
46HEX Codes for TLS ciphers are displayed
47Applets are no longer used
48Calculating tool to find all Configuration Settings associated with a server 
49Granularity when selecting methods to use within Web Site documents
50New Template signing ID uses stronger keys (2048 bit)
51Import internet certificates that contain unsupported critical extension
52Suppress key rollover alerts during ID vault synchronization
53Reactive and inactivate user ids using query vault commands
54Support for SameSite Cookie
55Web server GET /names.nsf?Login requests prevented by default
56New Web Server Login
57New look for the Rooms and Resources Database
58Outgoing mail limits via Mail Policy Settings 
59Change how view actions on individual mails are displayed
60Improved Network Performance for Notes clients
61Rendering of HTML buttons that use exact positioning
62Find Groups Button appears in Person Document rather than “just” groups view
63Significant Performance Improvements in Notes client (particularly on Startup)
64Search Improvements on the Notes client
65Enable shared mailfiles to send mail using internet address
66Select an alternative “From” address in a shared mailfile
67New inbox settings enabled by default
68Import from Office products works pertfectly!
69Swiftfile intelligent suggestions on which folder to move to
70Override default signature (without replacing it)
71HTML Rendering is perfect!
72Improved interoperability on calendar invites created in Outlook
73Improved rendering of MS Teams invitations
74New simplified, cleaner higher resolution UI across Mail, Calendar and To Do
75New Workspace
76Reduced footprint on Notes client install kit
77Copy formatting of selected text and apply to other text in a document
78Right click support on URL Links
79New transaction methods for LotusScript and Java Database classes
80Formula Language can be used in DQL Search Terms
81New NotesQueryResultsProcessor class
82XPages Support for Bootstrap 4
83Hide Columns of fields from smaller resolution fields
84Column properties in narrow views honored
85New traveler on docker deployment options
86Removed support for Traveler on Domino servers running old versions of Java
87SAML authentication for HCL Verse Mobile clients
88TOTP for HCL Verse Mobile clients
89Smart Forward and Smart reply with Traveler 
90Full support for features on Android 10
91Web-based administration interface and Traveler administration API management of HTMO Clients
92Removed support for APNS legacy binary protocol in Traveler
93Updated APNS P12 files for Traveler
94Warning status for expiring or expired APNS certificates
95Updated Warning status if the Traveler server system time differs from the enterprise database server time
96Updated Default Logging level in Traveler
97Changed Default Value for NTS_PUSH_READ_CHANGES_IMMEDIATELY in Traveler
98Renamed statistics for the HCL Traveler for Microsoft Outlook client
99Insecure template webadmin.ntf no longer included
100SAML upgrade prompts reduced drastically in Notes client
101Support for Notes Federated Login Upgrades (i.e. users not prompted to select ID file after upgrade)

Congrats to everyone at HCL and the community who contributed in the mammoth task of getting all of that over the line. I’m looking forward to all the content next week, I hope you are too!

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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10 thoughts on “101 NEW features of Domino 12

  • Great list – I dont from skimming through it, know how 98-99 (there may be others) are “NEW FEATURES” . You renamed something and removed something. If you removed something and did not replace it with something better, you have maybe the product that’s poorer and feature LESS. MHO.

    • Cormac McCarthy says:

      Hi Bevan,


      Removing something to by default make the product more secure, is a feature in my opinion which is why I wrote it here. (I’d been recommending for years for customers to delete that template).

      Renaming something that referred to IBM, to now reference HCL, is cosmetic alright, but doesn’t lessen anything in my opinion.

      There is a reason why they’re near the end of the list though I suppose.

      Either way I think both points are relatively minor grips on a list of 101?


  • Khandakar Amir Faisal says:

    Thanks to bring all togather of all 101 features of domino 12.
    Is there any PDF/DOC format of all this new features in one file?

  • Thanks very much for this list – I\’m just now starting to dive into v12 (for the DKIM/Certificate support), and this list is a great collection of changes and features. Much appreciated!

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