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Designer Client in Nomad Web

One of the best things HCL have brought in over the previous few years have been really active early access and beta programs for releases.

One that probably doesn’t get enough attention if the one for Nomad for Web Browsers.

This year alone there’s been at least 8 different versions deployed to their Sandbox environment. (there may be more these are the versions I’ve used). It is the quickest way to see and give feedback on Domino Restyle updates.

Nomad for Web browsers 1.0.9 was only released a week ago and this week the sandboxed environment has been updated to the first early access version (I think it’s actually called a Pre-Release) of 1.0.10, which contains The Designer Client in Nomad Web (which I believe was officially announced at CollabSphere). It’s possibly the natural conclusion to restyle beginning it’s life in Nomad.

Now as with everything in Nomad Web, it’s not a tool you pickup to complete every single task, but it is a very handy tool to have in your toolkit. To a simple admin like myself, a mobile non-full eclipse designer client sounds great as an option for certain tasks. From early testing for me this morning it is very snappy.

You can deploy your own apps in the sandboxed environment if you’d like to test further. You can request access here so give it a try!

The more developers that can test this (and it’s limitations) at this point the better. The fixes come really quickly on this sandboxed environment.

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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3 thoughts on “Designer Client in Nomad Web

      • Cormac McCarthy says:

        Hi Lars,

        Feedback I’ve got is – “Source Control will not be available when Designer ships initially. Whether it ever will get done will be based on feedback/demand.” I’d strongly advise getting involved in the feedback program if you’ve input.


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