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Domino Restyle has dropped (included within a new beta for Nomad server)

We’ve all “WOW”ed at the Demos at Engage 2022 and now we can try Domino Restyle (in Beta) ourselves.

The deployment here seems slightly unconventional, in that you need to install the latest beta of Nomad Server to get it, but I’m not complaining. The Nomad Web server is just unzipping files to a program directory. Once you have a valid cert, and ID Vault and make sure that NOMAD_WEB_HOST is set it your notes.ini it just starts up.

Once in the Nomad Web Browser client, the restyler is available from File, Application, Restyle.

Two small caveats, obviously you need designer access to the application. And if you try to edit an application that has a master template set it won’t allow you edit.

Anyway, looking forward to playing with this!!

The beta version of Nomad Server(1.0.5 beta), does contain a series of bug fixes too, and note there’s different versions for 12.0.1 (presumably meaning Domino Restyle in production won’t require an upgrade to Danube) and 12.0.2 and it’s hot on the wheels on the latest EAP4 drop. The regularity of releases this summer has been great from HCL.

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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