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Domino Server connections from Nomad Web

Potentially one of the most transformative innovations in the Domino landscape in the past couple of years has been Nomad Web. For many customers, specifically being able to deploy without needing SafeLinx, has made the ease of deployment even more straight forward.

The best thing in general about this is that you can have the Notes client in a browser and it just works out of the box.

One note I’ve come across on a couple of sites that isn’t necessarily intuitive (to the brain of Domino Admin anyway) is that the Nomad web server does not use connection documents to connect to other Domino servers for the Nomad Web service. It specifically uses the Fully qualified Internet host name in the Server document of the server it tries to connect to. This will work out of box on many sites. On some sites the Fully qualified Internet host name won’t necessarily be resolvable over internal DNS.

To detect when this has become an issue, (i.e. a users clicks on an icon on their workspace within their workspace for a server that Nomad Web cannot connect to) you will see something along the lines of this in the Domino console of the Domino server that Nomad Web server runs on:

Nomad:  nwsp:wss:error Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND 
Nomad:      at GetAddrInfoReqWrap.onlookup [as oncomplete] (node:dns:84:26)

You don’t necessarily need to change the Full qualified Internet host name of the server it’s connecting to to resolve the issue. You just need to make it resolvable from the Nomad Web host (i.e. you can use a hosts file on the Nomad Web server OS if you wish).

I’ve seen this on a couple of sites and thought it would be useful to share. Let us know if you found it useful.

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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3 thoughts on “Domino Server connections from Nomad Web

      • Yes, all of the hard core Linux desktop users can now use the basic Notes client via the web browser. This was quite a relief as the Notes client stopped working with version 9.x on Linux. But that was when IBM owned the code.

        As Windows seems to head to a cloud version these days, I’d like to see HCL rethink if the Notes client strategy. We could make great use of running Notes natively on Linux desktops again.

        We prefer not to make too much use of the cloud offerings. That’s one of the reasons why we enjoy using Domino as an on-premise solution in-house.
        Full control is king. Especially if you see that Microsoft not even realizing that someone has stolen something precious from them:

        Have a great day,

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