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How to keep up to date on the latest Knowledge Base articles from HCL

I discussed this with a customer last week, and thought others might want to know how to keep up to date on knowledge base articles from HCL.

You can get notified on any HCL product :- when a new version released, a security issue announced, a defect found, or a new support article written. If you’ve explicit interest in a specific technote you can subscribe to it too.

HCL have documented the process here.

The only problem with subscribing to whole topics, is you will be spammed with updates by mail. (there are ways and means of dealing with this if you don’t want to see these in your inbox, a mail rule to put all of the mails to a folder, or even subscribe to a mailbox you set to just receive these updates).

For “other” HCL information I do have this page bookmarked from Panagenda.

It’s a handy quick reference for loads of different HCL links.

Hope you found this useful!

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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5 thoughts on “How to keep up to date on the latest Knowledge Base articles from HCL

  • Begona Benayas Sanchez says:

    Thank you Cormack for your article.
    In addition, if you want to receive information with the latest news and product updates; upcoming events and webinars; and what is going arround the community buzz. You can also join the Digital Solutions Client Advocacy Program and you will receive the Digital Soluions Client Advocacy Newsletter.
    Learn more about HCL Software Client Advocacy HERE

  • I appreciate the link.
    It was so much better when HCL maintained their knowledgebase in a Notes database so you could just replicate the database and choose “Show Unread”.
    I would do this once or twice a week to keep up with everything going on without needing it to spam my inbox. It makes no sense to me why they quit using their own innovations and regressed back to the weak solutions of the rest of the world.

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