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You can book your Domino 12 update exam today.

Yesterday, Tiffany Amos from HCL announced that booking for Domino exams are back.

Few things you should note:

  • At the moment, there’s an update exam for Domino 12 admin.
  • Further exams certifications are planned (Domino certification “from scratch”, developer, some forms of “advanced”)
  • You’ll need proof of R9 exam to do the update exam. (there’s a couple of ways of doing this, your old Pearson Vue account should have a record, – as will your old IBM certification account, as well as access to the old PDFs etc).
  • You can book your exam today, with general availability for exams from the middle of February.
  • You can do the exam online or in Person. All options are with Pearson Vue.
  • You will get a digital badge if you pass.
  • There are certifications available too for Volt MX, and Big Fix as well.

These have been flagged for a couple of years and I’m delighted to see them get over the line. An awful lot of hard work went into getting it to this point. This is great news for everyone in the community.

Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd

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